Our mission at Fashionista is to bring Couture Fashion and Custom Tailoring online. Nowadays, the shopping experience is routine and formal. Mostly, shoppers have to browse through standard items listed in dull tables. Our goal is to disrupt it. Firstly, by bringing talented local fashion designers online. Secondly, by eliminating communication barriers between designers and shoppers.


Shopping might be boring. We designed our platform both streamlined and graphically engaging. Innovative User Interface and thorough analysis of shopping experience allowed us to deliver rich, yet functional visual presentation.


Fashionista AI engine analyzes 170+ parameters and is able to provide refined "look" recommendations. Browsing through the looks is as simple as dropping the items to the left to disband and to the right to match.


At Fashionista we do care about personal interaction and do not like bulky and formal storefronts. So, we did our best to invent an alternative online shopping experience. For every item you can directly contact a designer representative and ask, customize, and provide feedback in real time.

Coming in 2018

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